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Sprinkler System Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance


Our licensed and certified team of irrigation professionals can design,

install, repair and maintain your sprinkler system. From small residential

systems to the largest and most sophisticated commercial irrigation

systems, our team is experienced and ready to handle your project.


We service and install irrigation systems with the most technologically

advanced, water conscious and reliable products on the market today.

Water bills rise, wells dry up and landscape plants die due to improperly

designed sprinkler systems, inferior materials and practices.


Soil moisture levels can sustain or destroy all plants, so our systems are

designed specifically for the needs of your landscape. Our sprinkler system

maintenance programs include the following services to ensure your

valuable landscape is properly watered:


  • spring start-up service

  • monthly operational checks

  • seasonal controller management

  • sprinkler system winterization


Our technicians certify and rebuild backflow devices to meet city code requirements as well as make necessary repairs and upgrades to keep your sprinkler system running at peak performance.

Serving: Wichita, Andover, Augusta, Derby, El Dorado,

Goddard, Kechi, Park City and Valley Center.

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